Pheidippides Watches

Welcome into the world of Pheidippides Watches.

Pheidippides Watches are designed with meticulous attention to detail, finishing and quality.
Because you, the Pheidippides Watches wearer, deserves the best quality for your investment.

It is always fun to add a little twist to a watch’s design.
So if you take a look at the Pheidippides Watches collection, beware of the unusual.
Of something a little odd with respect to functionality or looks.

Pheidippides Watches are designed for people with a keen eye for the beauty of minimalism.
For people who take their time to enjoy life.
For people who are never in a hurry, ready for the unexpected pleasures of life.

Welcome into the world of Pheidippides Watches.
Where time is yours and a Pheidippides Watch your messenger of your lifestyle’s pace.

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