Every idea is born in a flash. The brainwave only takes a blink of an eye and it takes another second or so for the idea to fully manifest itself in your brain.

Then comes the patience, perseverance and an awful lot of hours to materialize that idea into a working prototype. And when it is ready, holding that first proto is an exhilarating experience. The feeling of having created something of your own.

With my creations I want to convey some of that feeling to you, because a good feeling should be shared. I hope you will enjoy wearing my watches as much as I enjoy creating them.

Sharing a passion for creative design.

My name is Rogier van de Ree and I am a watch aficionado like yourself. The love for design and the drive to create something myself led me to start Pheidippides Watches. Please read the page about History for further reading.

Oh, by the way, Pheidippides was a Greek soldier¬†who ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians. The one thing that differs him from my messengers of good times is that he died after delivering his announcement…