Pheidippides Watches started in 2015 as a creative idea growing into a brand that holds creativity as a leitmotiv.

It began with a brainwave that resulted in a course sketch of The Inkpot. Nothing seriously back then, until one of my friends told me he would like to have one (and he had not been wearing a watch for years…). That forced me to make a decision: leave it at that or turn it into a business?

The rest is history as they say.

It took about a month to find the right partner to help me with the technical realization of my idea. That was quite an quest. Next, it took a couple of months to find the right Swiss suppliers for all components.

After that, all it took was time, work and patience to develop the first prototype. Please check the page about The Inkpot for further reading.

While the guys in Germany were working on this first design, I had ”little” to do, so I had time to let creativity kick back in and I designed two more watches: The Porthole and The Hourglass.

Two days before my birthday in December 2015 the first working prototype of The Inkpot was ready. Is there a better birthday present imaginable?

The Inkpot requires a lot of testing of its mechanical construction. Meanwhile we started working on The Porthole in December 2015 and finished its prototypes in March 2016.

All Swiss components we had made fit perfectly. We learned so much from developing The Inkpot that developing The Porthole was the proverbial walk in the park.

The Porthole has been launched on Kickstarter on April 15th 2016. So, the first watch to hit the market is actually my second design. Please check the page about The Porthole for further reading.

The campaign on Kickstarter ended on May 16th and was not successfully funded. The Porthole has been relaunched on Indiegogo on May 16th 2016. See the campaign for further reading.

The campaign on Indiegogo was not successful either. The Porthole is waiting for another chance in the future.


We are currently finishing the development of The Inkpot. In the summer of 2016 we will assemble 5 pieces for testing. All testers have been found and are ready for their adventure.

Prototypes of my third design are finished: The Hourglass. They were presented to the public on September 10th.

The Hourglass is a really cool design which we are all very happy with. We launched it on Kickstarter on October 1st, 2016. The campaign is running until November 1st. Please check the page about The Hourglass for further reading.


The Inkpot needs to be tested for a few months, because we want to learn about the wear and tear of its internal construction before launching it with confidence. The testing of The Inkpot will take us into the fourth quarter of 2016 before we will decide to go for launch.

As it happens it turns out that my first design will be out for sale last.

Did I say last? The fourth design is nearly finished and a new idea for number five is already alive on the drawing board.

Stay tuned and check my website regularly to keep up to date with developments.