Back to work on campaign

June 22, 2016

Back in town and ready to boost the Indiegogo campaign after a pleasant vacation to Canada.

During my vacation I left it to itself and that did not work. Nothing happened except for a mysterious donor who pledged a considerable amount without wanting a watch in return.

Only 5 of my Kickstarter backers followed me to Indiegogo. I wonder what that says about the popularity of both platforms…


Anyway, I have 2 weeks left to interest as many people for The Porthole as possible. A bit short notice, but lets go for it!

Please share this message with as many friends as you are willing to. Every bit of attention is appreciated, every click to the campaign page is valuable. Spread the word and help me make it a success this time. Thanks for your support!

You can find the campaign here: Porthole-Indiegogo

Regards, Rogier

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