Bronze & Patina

April 27, 2016

Remember I wrote the bronze of The Porthole will develop a patina in time? In fact all bronze, brass, copper and alloys alike will develop a patina. That is a natural process like rusting of steel.

Different alloys of bronze will develop different kinds of patina depending on the composing metals. Some patina’s turn out to be more beautiful than others.

For those of you who can’t wait that long to see how The Porthole will look like in the future, there is a way to speed up the patina process. Put the watch in a sealbag with a crushed boiled egg leaving the surface of the watch free of plastic and egg (and seal). The patina will develop over night.

And here is the result of this eggsperiment: red tones to green tones to dark blue tones. Neat, isn’t it?

Patina of bronze

Until next time!

Regards, Rogier

Oh, you can reverse the process using good old cola…

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