The Inkpot

The Inkpot is currently being developed.

Two prototypes were built in March, one for me to enjoy and one that should have been part of a series of 5. It turned out that a misalignment slipped into the inner profile of the case unnoticed. A setback, because we have to make those 5 prototypes anew and production capacity is limited. We are all human.

Once these prototypes have been assembled they will be tested for an extended period of time. As the cases have to be sent to a separate company to harden the steel (CNC-machinable steel is not too hard for obvious reasons), the accumulated delay will be at least 3 to 4 months.

This implies that The Inkpot will be fully tested by the end of this year and only then we can decide whether we are confident to launch it at Kickstarter early 2017.

Please bear with me and stay tuned for more development news on The Inkpot.