The Porthole



Among the other product lines The Porthole has a relatively straightforward watch layout. The twist to this watch is mainly in its super smooth feel and in some nice details you are not likely to find often. The Porthole is another example of a remarkable time piece likely to attract attention and admiration. It is a bold watch for those who want to make a difference.

The Porthole has a nautical theme that appears throughout its design details.

The main treat is its bronze case with seamless transitions between case, glass and bottom. It is all about round shapes. Echoing a traditional pocket watch it feels like a smooth pebble that can be found on the beach or in a river bed.


Bronze is a softer metal that suffers more from daily wear than hardened steel, but it has a lively color and develops a beautiful patina over time. In due time no watch will look the same.

The other most noticeable detail is its hinging lugs. The watch will always sit comfortable on your wrist, no matter what size you have. The lugs are made of stainless steel as a nice contrast to the bronze.


The Porthole has a bronze screw in back with a large sapphire crystal to expose the STP5-15 Swiss made automatic movement with custom rotor. The movement is made by Swiss Technology Production (a Fossil Group subsidiary).

The dial has a nice mid-blue color resembling the sea. The hour markers resemble buoys floating on the sea surface. They have Superluminova filled centers for night view.


The large polished hands match the hour markers. They have the same width and round tips with the exact same shape as the markers. When the minute hand passes over a marker it precisely covers it and the Superluminova will glow through the matching hole.

The seconds hand looks like a droplet of water. Its only task is to show your watch is still running.


Another nice detail is the Superluminova on the back of the hands leaving a clean surface contributing to the ”quietness” of the dial. The hands are visible in their own shadow in the dark.

The custom made crown echoes the same basic shape as the bronze case.

The sturdy leather strap is available in 3 colors: brown, blue and pale green (matching the superluminova). There is also a black silicone strap available. The straps are fitted with a custom made buckle.


Main features:

  • Polished bronze case and screw-in see-through back, 42mm in diameter and 12.3mm thick
  • Polished stainless steel movable lugs, stretched out lug-to-lug size is 55mm, 22mm wide
  • Blue lacquered dial
  • Polished nickel hands and hour markers filled with C5 Superluminova
  • Sapphire glasses, top and bottom, anti-reflective coating on inside
  • Swiss mechanical automatic movement: STP5-15 by Swiss Technology Production
  • French brown genuine leather or black silicone tapered strap, size 22/20mm
  • Custom made stainless steel pin buckle
  • 10 bar water resistance

Most parts are Swiss, the case is made in Germany and the strap in France.


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