Campaign is halfway

May 4, 2016

We are just over halfway the Kickstarter campaign and already 15 people pledged for The Porthole. For a watch that is on the higher end of the watch range offered on Kickstarter that is quite a nice result. It shows I am touching a nerve ;-).

It is common for campaigns to be slow in the middle, so I expect some activity towards the last week. Activity that shows the trust of others in my project. Lets hope they will tip the campaign over to a success.

campaign status may 4campaign status may 4

In the meantime I managed to get The Porthole featured on 8 different watch forums. I am really happy about that. The common denominator on all these forums is ”something appealingly different and a nice balanced design”. Could I wish for more? Please check the bottom of The Porthole page.

Be checking in with you next week with another update on the campaign.

Cheers, Rogier

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