Kickstarter campaign part 1

October 5, 2016

The Kickstarter Campaign speared right off after its launch last Friday afternoon. Friday I got 3 backers and Saturday another 8. That looked very promising!

Since then 5 backers have canceled their pledge, regretfully. I have asked them why, but none have responded yet.

Price is probably one of them, but I cannot reduce it. It is calculated to be just over break even when making 50 time pieces. I will need the little margin I make as a buffer for unexpected production mishaps. I will include a cost breakdown on the campaign page to show for this.

Another could be that the pastel colors are not to everybody’s taste. The good news is that The Hourglass will be available in white as well. I am working on a black version too, but it depends on the final production technique chosen whether it will be more or less expensive than the other colors. I will keep the black version behind Stretch target #2 until that is clear. I trust you understand.

There will be black and white strap colors available to chose from to match the new colors.

Here are computer renders of the white and the black version. They have not been made, so I cannot show you real life pictures.



When you like the black or white version, please pledge although the black will only be released when we reach Stretch target #2.

The self-fulfilling prophecy goes both ways: when everyone waits until the stretch target is reached, we will not reach it at all and everybody looses. When everyone who wants one pledges now, we will make it and everybody will be happy.

Looking forward to your visit to the Kickstarter campaign!

Cheers, Rogier

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