Kickstarter campaign requiem

November 2, 2016

As some of you probably already noticed, the Kickstarter campaign for The Hourglass was not successfully funded.

Given the average price range of watches on Kickstarter this was to be expected, but is a disappointment anyway. Yesterday was not among my finest days…

A Facebook ad campaign on my video snippet post resulted in a huge reach (25k people) and a large number of views (8k plays) and 64 likes, but not in a sale. I have a lot to learn about using social media effectively.

On the upside: although 7 backers backed off later, I got a total of 18 people interested to pledge for a watch. That is half of the number I needed to succeed, so I only have to run the campaign one more time. Just kidding… 😉

And quite a lot of people supported me by pledging a small token of their appreciation for my efforts. To all those who supported me: a great many thanks for keeping me going and lifting up my motivation north of going sour.

Kickstarter campaign results

What is next?

I will continu my efforts to enter into the watch world. The Hourglass is received only in positive words. The worst comment? “Great design, but not my style”. And The Porthole was received with a lot of positive words too.

With these 2 models ready for production and The Inkpot in its final prototype stages, something must be possible. And I will try, you can count on that.

The good news? I got people interested to invest some risk capital to give the first production run a go. Worst that can happen is that these investors receive a couple of great watches for their money. How bad can that be? 🙂

Then I will have stock to go for it. First talks with jewellers are on the way. Ideas to approach the fashion world are crystallising. Target audiences are being identified.

The frequency of blogs will probably drop, but whenever there is something interesting to share, you will hear from me. Definitely!

Cheers, Rogier

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