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September 11, 2016

As some of you probably have noticed, The Hourglass is not yet available on Kickstarter.

The launch has been postponed and for good reasons.

The case turned out to be quite expensive. It requires quite a bit of surface treatment for that perfect look even in the places difficult to reach. At the German workshop they can only do that by hand. Quality comes at a price.

I had accepted that fact and set a price for The Hourglass which would regretfully be too high for Kickstarter. But I wanted to be ready for launch at the same time as the presentation. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday morning I expressed my feelings about the price to the German workshop owner. He agreed to the price being too high, but was on tour along his own customers and could do little at that moment.

Wednesday afternoon I posted the news about the presentation (a bit late for you guys, sorry) and announced the launch on Kickstarter too. You all read that message.

5 minutes after posting the workshop owner called to say that he already had found some alternatives to manual finishing without sacrificing quality. He asked for a week or 2 to explore these alternatives and make arrangements with 3rd parties.

It became clear to me that he is as determined as I am to make this campaign successful, so I agreed to postpone the Kickstarter launch of The Hourglass. The guys in Germany are so enthusiastic about The Hourglass, that by now they are also emotionally attached to its success.

Immediately I changed the text of my website post, but the original message was already out there on the internet.

So please bear with me in our efforts to get the price down beneath the € 1000 limit. We believe that we will get there, but it takes some time to get everybody in tune.

Our new target date for launch is Saturday October 1st. Stay tuned to follow up on developments!

Cheers, Rogier


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