Made it to the newspaper!

May 11, 2016


Today I am featured in a well known regional newspaper: BN de Stem. Something to be proud of :-).

The article is in Dutch, of course, but shown here for you to enjoy. For those with a keen eye, you can see a preview of my next project: The Inkpot

Newspaper article BN de Stem

Next Friday I will be featured on another forum: That will set the total appearances to 10. Again something to be proud of :-).

Last week a colleague photographer, Gijs Proost, made a really nice shot of The Porthole.

Gijs Proost Fotografie - The Porthole


With 5 days to go the Kickstarter campaign is coming to an end. The score is still 15 watches pledged for and 1 brave supporter.

I sincerely hope that a lot of people are still in doubt whether to pledge for The Porthole or not and will decide positively this coming weekend.

So, one last call-to-action to spread and share the word to help me reach my project’s goal. Much obliged for your support and patience with the volume of my messages. Some might confuse my enthusiasm as spam ;-).

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