Prototypes in progress

March 1, 2017

Finally a word after a long time of silence. I had to recollect myself after 2 crowd funding disappointments in a row (among other things) before I had the courage to get on with making prototypes.

In the meantime we accomplished some interesting progress.

  • Ten cases for The Hourglass were hardened and after polishing 6 made it through quality control. We have to find us another polisher… A 7th non-hardened case (from a polishing test) is also good looking.
  • The new dial-hands for The Hourglass are ready. They are made of aluminum and now the colours look bright and nice. A true improvement. Aluminum can be anodised, which opens up a whole palet of colours for the markings. I had one black with red markings made just for show. The white and coloured dials have black markings (far darker than the galvanised ones), the black ones have the aluminum as “colour”.
  • Eight cases of The Porthole are finished. These have the larger hole for the new rigid moving lugs assembly which is a major improvement. In warm conditions the custom crown could be pushed over the tube without screwing, so I had these cases fitted with a standard trustworthy crown. A solution has been found by the crown supplier and new tubes were send, but not yet tested. I have parts left to make 7 prototypes out of these 8 cases. I brought all parts to the watchmaker yesterday, so these will be finished in the next weeks.
  • One of The Porthole prototypes will be fitted with a custom pink mother-of-pearl dial. A special order for one of the employees of the dial maker. An experiment which will look great. Pictures to follow.
  • Four cases of The Inkpot are hardened and finished for assembly. All parts are picked and will be taken to the watchmaker as soon as he has finished the assembly of The Portholes. Now we can move forward with that project, too.

This month I will leave for Switzerland again to have glasses glued to The Hourglass cases. I will also pick up the new dial-hands and deliver the custom Porthole.

Although I had a bit of a hard time, in the past 3 months important progress has been made to finish a number of prototypes of all 3 models :-). An uplifting thought.

And last but not least, I finished my venture capital investor plan last week. I will review it with my brother to make it an attractive proposal. Stay tuned to learn more next time.

Have a great time!


PS: Pheidippides Watches has joined the Dutch Watch Professionals initiative. We are striving to promote Dutch watchmakers and set a ”Dutch Made” standard.

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