The Hourglass presented

September 14, 2016

Last Saturday September 10th The Hourglass was presented to the public.

The event was held in a monumental building in Fijnaart during “Open monument weekend”. Quite a lot of people gathered round the hidden display to witness the unveiling.


The whole weekend my watches were on display. It was nice to experience the interest of the people. Especially on Sunday I lot of people showed genuine interest in my designs and some even expressed their intention to buy one once it is available. Great, isn’t it?


Meanwhile I have attended a Trade Mart in Utrecht, the Netherlands. All the usual suspects were there, represented by dealers. The nice thing was that one dealer recognized The Porthole I was wearing. When I walked by his booth, he didn’t look at me but his eyes were all over The Porthole. He scored points. And (of course) he saw the potential of The Hourglass. That might earn him a dealership in the Benelux in due time. I know he wants it…



Cheers, Rogier

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